Passion is needed for any great work, and for the revolution, passion and audacity are required in big doses.

Che Guevara

Congratulations, you are one of the very curious readers who is visiting the “About” page, according to my visitors’ report by Google Analytics.

2DArray is focused on Softwares, Technology and lots of cool configurations that we use everyday. Being a developer, I understand we can not keep everything in our mind. So, I will be using this website as my notebook and hopefully few of those notes will help you too.

The idea of writing a blog was in my mind when I was in college, but the only question I used to ask myself was “What should be the content” ? Since then, even just before starting this blog, I had the same question in my mind. But believe me, every single person in this world has enough knowledge about something or the other to start blogging.

If you really like my blog and found it helpful please let me know… you can mail me at

Also, feel free to contact me for any queries.

Digitally Yours,
Parijat Mukherjee

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